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Rare Dope International

DeCarlo Tatum Jr. emerged in 2014 as a member of the Atlanta rap trio Rebel Forest. The group flourished creatively under the tutelage of southern hip-hop pioneer Rico Wade and released several singles, most notably “More” and “Drugs” in 2015. 2020 marks DeCarlo’s second full-length release on Rare Dope International. The new project DEVOTION introduces fans to the key principles of DeCarlo's sound "Mackin" and "Spinnin" or better yet, unyielding with a whole lot of bounce. DEVOTION is an ode to his fiance' who is also featured on the cover. The album follows the rhythmic pattern of the ceremony that proceeds a Church service. It's the jam session before the main event. The lead single, "Project Baby" features Damain.OG and is an instant hit. DEVOTION is a perfect introduction to the world of DeCarlo Tatum Jr.