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Ke Turner


Born in Jacksonville, FL and raised in Virginia Beach, VA, Ke Turner began sharpening her ear for music when she used to make up impromptu songs to her father’s guitar playing. Along with her older brothers, she would often to listen to hip hop greats such as Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick and EPMD just to name a few. This gave her a strong foundation that would later serve her well when it came to crafting metaphors, similes, and thesaurus scrolling wordplay. Her love for MC Lyte as well as other notable female emcees like Roxanne Shante, Nikki D & Antoinette, would let her know that being an unstoppable estrogen filled force behind the microphone was completely possible.
Her sound is refreshing yet keeping the golden era vibes alive and well. 
Currently she resides in Atlanta actively performing and recording on a consistent basis.