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John Tracy


John Tracy has a reputation for crafting lyrics that cut right to the heart of the matter, making his authentic music relevant to all of us. Raw, genuine songs connect with our spirit because he lays his soul bare, openly sharing experiences. Each word and note bring us a musical encounter beyond the mere listening and give us a new soundtrack for our lives. The resounding reaction from listeners is that “he is singing what I am thinking,” demonstrating how his soulful songs fortify the human connection – truly REAL MUSIC for REAL LIFE.

When asked why he creates music, he responded: “I believe people want to feel. We all want to feel alive. We want to feel hope, excitement, peace, joy. Sometimes we just want to cry. I believe music is the catalyst that can awaken this in all of us. That’s why I write music filled with stories of real life – to help us have that vehicle to experience each day with all of our emotions ignited.”

With his seventh album release “Quintessential” in June 2018, he undoubtedly proves once again he can deliver just that. Songs like “Midnight Moon” and “Home” pull at our heartstrings, flood us with emotions and offer a hopeful look toward tomorrow. “Blue Sunny Skies” and “Sweet Delight” show us the fun side of life, while “The Shallow Game” and “I’ve Got To Find Myself” provoke a look deep within ourselves.

Says Stuart Cheese of One Night Stand Music:” Time spent listening to John is never time wasted! He has a true gift. An extremely talented songwriter with a wonderful tone to his voice.”

A dedicated effort to giving each song something sonically unique makes listening to his body of work a delight to the ears. With a vocal delivery smooth and warm, John’s voice has a timbre that calms the spirit and allows the heart to hear the depth of his lyrics. Commanding the acoustic guitar with ease, he fluidly delivers melodies that are intricate and spell-binding. It’s a mastery that sends his fingers moving effortlessly up and down the neck of his six-string. Having shared his skill on stages across the US and abroad, he is a seasoned performer. A John Tracy show will leave you feeling inspired, like time spent with an old friend.

Jon Stein of WTBQ – Hootenanny Café, Goshen, NY declares: “John Tracy knows how to write songs and melodies that draw the listener in. I’m captivated.” 

His previous album release, “Happy Ever After” garnered spots in the US FMQB AC Chart top ten, as well as playing on radio and syndicated shows across the US, UK and Europe. John’s music videos have attracted attention from all over the music video programming spectrum in the US and Canada. The future looks bright for this rising song-crafter from Virginia.