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Halloween is Right Around the Corner - Time to Refresh Your Merch!

Halloween is Right Around the Corner - Time to Refresh Your Merch!

Labor Day has come and gone, so it's time to get focused on Halloween. This is a good opportunity (as most holidays are!) to refresh some of your merch designs and store items and even put a Halloween-twist on them to get some attention and make a few extra sales. We’ve got a few helpful tips for you to get ready for some Halloween promotion:


It's still early, so take a bit of time to create a few simple Halloween-themed designs that you can sell “for a limited time only" through the month of October.  This is a good attention-grabber for your fans. We’ve found that exclusive and limited-run items sell well since your fans know that they are getting something unique. A few ideas:

  • Create a brand new merch design specifically made on Orange or Black clothing and apparel items or with Orange/Black theme. For a simpler approach, take one of your current merch designs and just add a few Halloween-themed elements to spice it up a bit. Throw that on Orange or Black apparel. Check out this example below - we made a slight modification to our original design and added a jack o'lantern, placed it onto an orange tote. This makes for a pretty cool Halloween-themed piece of merch.

  • Even easier than that, you can take one of your existing designs as-is and simply change the ink or apparel colors to fit the orange/black theme. No need for any additional design work - we can easily swap the ink and apparel colors for you if you choose.
  • In addition to apparel items, you can add some Halloween themes to your physical music items too. Orange cassettes are perfect for this season and we have some in-stock right now.




Another idea, If you're in a giving mood, is to set up some discount codes for your store to attract some new customers. You can choose a promo code for your whole store, specific items, or however you choose. Pick your promo code, discount amount, and we’ll get you set up (for example: SPOOKY10 could be a 10% discount for the month of October). Discount codes are a nice "thank you" to your fans, and the added traffic to your store can bring in some additional bucks from those looking for a deal.

If you’re looking for some other ideas, reach out to your Artist Services rep and let's work it out together! 

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