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5 Ways to Prepare Your Band for Black Friday

5 Ways to Prepare Your Band for Black Friday

It's Black Friday week! If you're like us, this means it's time to make some plans. And if you're not like us, well then we hope these tips help you out too. While some people will be out shopping for Christmas presents, you can seize this opportunity to promote your music to new audiences. Here are 5 ways that bands can prepare for Black Friday:

1) Plan a special promotion or sale on merch items

Yes, it probably seems like a given but on Black Friday the time to plan a special promotion or sale on merch items is when people are out looking for them. Black Friday brings in shoppers from all over, and you should take advantage of this by offering discounts or promotion items. Anything from Tees, to stickers or free downloads. People have their eyes out for a deal, you should think of ways to give them what they're looking for.

2) Start an email campaign with fans

Don't rely solely on social media to reach current fans. With "social algorithms" changing daily and other businesses buying up ads to take over your feed, it can be difficult for you keep track of what messages are reaching potential customers (or if they're even seeing them at all). By establishing an email campaign and its a great way to keep fans engaged and will help you keep track of them without being spammy.

3) Take advantage of social media opportunities like TikTok, Instagram stories and Twitter polls  

Now yes, we just said social algorithms constantly changing makes it difficult to reach everyone - but that doesn't mean to give up. Posts can be used to create a more dynamic social media presence that will give you the opportunity for engagement. Whether it is through likes, shares or retweets; these platforms provide us with ways to connect and grow and audience in different ways. 

4) Get out there and Play!  

Many people will line up outside around the building in the wee hours of the morning waiting to get inside for sales. Get out there with them, give them a little entertainment while they wait clutching the coffee mugs trying to keep warm. If they like what they hear be sure to have flyers or stickers ready to hand out, even a simple QR code for them to scan and allow them to easily access your band. Take photos and video of the event. Keep it light, keep it fun... and most important, be ready to run in case they call security - but don't worry there's likely another sale going on down the road you could hit up. ;)

5) Hit up a Guitar Center or Local music shop.

Remember, you should always try to run your band like it's a business - and on Black Friday sometimes saving a buck is just as important as making one. There are sales and deals seemingly going on everywhere, its a great time to stock up on the strings, picks and all the of other gear you yourself have probably had your eye on. Big chains like Guitar Center are usually blasting their deals out in print and radio ads, and your favorite local shops are most likely doing their thing too. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our round up of Black Friday ideas and it has given you some ideas to use for your band heading into the holiday season. Did we miss anything out? Let us know in the comments below what plans do you have this year? 

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